This is an original mood tracking platform that I planned, designed, and developed from the very beginning. I think taking charge of your health is super important, and I know that there are many people in need of health tracking; Becalm was the result. Becalm's features include mood tracking, journaling, events/appointments, and custom daily tracking (e.g. pain, exercise, medications, and so on). I did extensive product research to develop features, information architecture, user flows, and the overall feel of Becalm, including interviewing people and even collecting their existing mood journal data. This project is still in progress.

Journalling is an important part of mental health and tracking your health in general. It's important to have a place to express yourself or jot down notes day to day as you track your progress.

I designed the "fold-up" version of the landing page of Becalm. More work will be needed to finalize the landing page.