Traackr Relationship Funnel
For this project, we aimed to provide marketers with a funnel feature exclusively designed for their use, similar to the usual sales funnel. I worked with Traackr's Creative Director during the design process, then quickly moved to prototyping in code to refine the design and interaction over several iterations. We worked on this funnel over several months in order to allow marketers to more easily track their relationships with influencers over time. In this way, marketers may track and view the relationships of their entire campaign and better align their strategies with key influencers.

We added the funnel state for each influencer to their profile as a draggable slider. You can quicly and easily update the influencer here.

One important concern for adding a funnel is tracking your funnel progress over time. I designed this graph to be useful and clean, with change over time for each funnel state as well as different graph views.