Traackr Visual Stream

Our existing content stream was very bland, uninspiring, buggy, and functioned poorly. We aimed to create a more engaging stream of content that took advantage of a content service to have better sharing functionality as well as Likes/Comments, engagement metrics, and more..

One lesson we learned after release was that users still wanted a quickly scannable version of just the content. While all of them loved the new stream and how engaging it was, they wanted an alternative view with more content in a smaller visual footprint. Next steps for this project is to create a smaller list view of content.

The biggest challenge we faced with this project was the technical constraints from the dev team. We also had a lot of content types to juggle - Twitter posts and blog posts were usually text-heavy, whereas Instagram content sometimes didn't have text at all. Designing for all the variations of each content type was difficult, but in the end the results were worth it.

We iterated first on paper with sticky notes, and decided right away that we wanted to have big blocks of highly visual content. We then moved to Photoshop and played around with color schemes.

Below is our original mockup. We tested this mockup with our customers, and then moved onto rapid prototyping in real code, where we made many changes, including scoping down our trending hashtags and removing a lot of the blue.