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This is a story, and it begins with a sky so blue that it feels more like a canvas than a sky, a smooth orb of cerulean and dazzling, and it is unavoidable. You lay in the field so green, and you gaze up at at it, and it gazes back. It's taken fifteen years - more, perhaps? (Can you remember the time when you and I thought that love was enough and a future could last forever?) You are here now, though, and the times long past seem inutile now that you're lost.

The colors seem too bright, they do, and you fling one dark arm over your face as if to ward off the light, to escape the inescapable, but you know that no matter what you do, it'll always come back to haunt you, like your memories long ago... Night! Won't night ever come? you wonder. You want the darkness, because when it is dark your eyes don't burn with pain. You think this place, this long stretching field, would be more bearable bathed in black. You struggle to sit up, but it's as if something is pushing you down.

You needn't sit up. You needn't speak. Needn't explain the inhibitions you felt, needn't try to unmask the pain you think you feel. Cover it up. Bury it up. Face the sky, and then we will know the meaning of forever together. Let me hold you down, let me care for you. Let me breathe my fingers over your delicate throat, a throat made of smooth earth and ash. Let me dance my lips over you. Be silent, don't move.

This is exactly how I wanted you.