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Art goals for 2018

Okay so I’m a little late on the 2018 train given that it’s February, but I made a list of goals I have for the upcoming year. I’m moving into being a fulltime artist and illustrator, so I have a lot of work I need to do to make this successful. I’m both excited and really nervous about what’s coming up.

Here’s my list:

Studio space

I’m lucky enough to have a room in my house that I can devote to studio space but so far it’s been pretty neglected and I haven’t done a ton of work around organization and making the room feel cozy and very much ME in awhile. It’s just kind of slouchy and messy and it’s hard to grab things I need because they’re buried in drawers and closets and shelves. So I really need to update my studio room to be a more comfortable and accommodating place for my art.

You can see it in the above photo – just kind of a general mess.

So what I need is:

  1. I need an area for art display that I can rotate artwork out. I need to be able to display some in-progress and recently finished pieces of my own, as well as swap out inspiration and photos. I have stuff hanging on the wall permanently and right now it’s too hard to switch around when I really need specific inspiration to surround me.
  2. I HAVE to redo that window seat cover. Gross.
  3. I need storage space for shop inventory, shipping supplies, and other stuff that I haven’t had to deal with until now.
  4. I need to figure out where to put my giant printer and my cutting machine. They are huge and unwieldy and accessing my printer right now involves CLIMBING ON TOP OF A DESK (because it’s on top of a bookshelf). Y i k e s.

Refine my style

This is pretty straightfoward. I’m trying to refine my style and figure out how to consolidate my style(s) with acrylic painting, gouache, watercolor, sketches, digital work… I feel like I’m all over the place and a bit of a mess. So I want to spend some time really doing a ton of sketches and paintings and really refining my style.

Get better at drawing poses, backgrounds, and animals

I’m not great at any of these things. Part of refining my style means knowing what painting/drawing these things looks like for me.

Find a schedule that works

Fulltime art/illustration means working completely from home for the first time in my life. I need to find a way to balance my introversion with not going crazy sitting alone in my house for days on end, but also keep a productive schedule that is consistent. Right now, working around 50 hours a week has resulted in weekends booked up with art, and then I crash by Wednesday and spend my evenings dead on the couch. My pace needs to be steady and sustainable.

Write more!

I’ve started writing on Medium, and also smaller posts will be going here. I’m writing more on Instagram and Twitter (follow me!). I used to write a ton – doing Nanowrimo every year – but I stopped doing it because I stopped having the time. I’m looking forward to making the time for refining my writing skills, both fiction and essays.


What are your 2018 goals? I’m super interested to hear them!

One thought on “Art goals for 2018

  1. Haha you’re not late on the train – sometimes the beginning of the year gets me so wound up that halfway through February I can’t remember what happened in January – and I like to round up the month in blog posts, but sometimes I get too busy and forget. February is a good time as any to make some goals 😉

    I followed you on Twitter ☺️ I use Twitter and Instagram but no other social media. I love Twitter but I’m more of a poster/writer there than a reader, so I don’t often read what is on my feed. I tend to post only on Instagram stories, with the odd photo post here and there.

    While you are getting into art and writing, I think I am trying more reading! I don’t have any writing goals other than to write more frequently, like I used to, before wedding stuff made everything really hectic haha.

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