A paper doll for a special boy

My nephew’s birthday is coming up so I spent some time working on something very special for him. I’ve always wanted to paint a set of paper dolls, and he’s such a sensitive and wonderful little kid who would appreciate a little mini-him that he can dress up and take on adventures!

I specifically included some of his favorite shirts – Thomas the Tank Engine, Paw Patrol, and so on. I loved designing and painting his real life clothes – it was so much fun!

When I was a little girl I LOVED paper dolls so much. I remember all the little clothes and stuff – then I grew up and was obsessed with KiSS dolls – do you remember those? They were little dolls in an app you could play with on your computer. I remember spending ages getting the clothes to line up on the doll JUST perfectly (on some dolls the clothes snapped to position). They were amazing – looks like the webpage is still up sorta! At some point I want to make a KiSS doll even though nobody plays with them anymore just so I can live out a childhood dream of mine. 🙂 And in the meantime I at least got to make a real paper doll!

Bye bye, Paper Nathan!

One thought on “A paper doll for a special boy

  1. omigod. I loved paper dolls as a kid. I wrote a blog post a while ago about it too, reminiscing about it! I though they were awesome and it was really nice how with real paper, the clothes just “fit”! Get into the real world and you gotta try clothes on LOL. With online drag-and-drop functionality I definitely preferred if they snapped to position, but if they didn’t, damn, I would do the same thing and try to get it super correct. 😆

    I am sure Nathan will love his paper doll. It’s beautiful. ♥️ I would be thrilled if someone made one of me haha.

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