Happy Valentine’s Day! (and free download)

Whaddaya know – I’m sick. I think I’m simply fighting off a cold – no deadly flu or anything, just stuffy nose and scratchy throat and so so tired.

Anyway I forgot it was Valentine’s Day! I actually really love Valentine’s Day – I love little boxes of candy hearts, interesting chocolates that you don’t know what kind they are until you bite into them, and handing out valentines to everyone. I’ve noticed a lot of people either obsess over or HATE this holiday. I get it – everyone is sitting in restaurants in pairs and it’s totally weird. But you’re allowed to opt out of the whole “couples are the most important” part of the holiday and just have fun with it.

I whipped up some SUPER quick valentines so I could hand them out to my friends. Write a quick note on the back, tape it to a box of candy hearts, and you’re good to go! (p.s. THANK YOU dollar store for your cheap candies!)

If you completely forgot to buy your box of minions-themed valentines this year, you can totally download these! I whipped up a quick printable pdf – I recommend you print on cardstock but honestly regular paper will do.

Download it!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year?

One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day! (and free download)

  1. Even though I am married to someone I love, I like to remind people that love is for EVERYONE. You seriously don’t have to be in a relationship. We should be spreading love to our families, friends, and people we care about ☺️ I used to do little Valentines projects on my blog, so got creative in a digital way I guess. 😍

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