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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but in my defense it’s been a whirlwind – unexpected travel for unfortunate circumstances, a ton of hard-hitting news, migraines almost every other day… no thank you, seriously. Can you maybe drop me some good news and no migraines (or at least no news), universe? Maybe just for a week?

This is what it’s been like around here. Very quiet, very gray, and very very sleepy.

At least someone’s alert (even if she is laying on my fluffy new blanket that belongs to me and not her).

Anyway, here is some art I’ve done.

I’m super proud of this one! It was the first time I REALLY focused on getting watercolor “right” on the face. I actually had someone request a print of this as a custom order through my Etsy, so I might offer it as prints in general if anyone is interested (HINT HINT oh jeez I’m so bad at marketing).

My first gouache face in a style I’ve been practicing! I super love this one too but I’m not sure it’s to other people’s taste.

And a landscape. I find them weirdly soothing.

I’ve been painting a TON but it’s weird because I haven’t shared any of my bigger pieces with anybody really. It always feels like I should be doing way more than what I am. Suddenly I’ve gone from my goal being “do art every day” to my goal being “do at least 3 paintings a day” which is crazy to me.

I bought this cheap sketchbook from Michael’s on sale last year and did 2 pages and then just didn’t touch it for a year. Then I got new watercolors and actually took some time to learn how to use watercolors in general (they’re not like markers, folks, who’d’ve thought?) and learned the “flip to a random page” trick and it just changed my life. Now I’m almost done with this fairly giant sketchbook and it’s practically exploding out of its spine.

Anyway, I’m waiting for the universe to let up a little and I’ll be back to feeling fresh and sassy soon – maybe just in time for nicer spring weather? Here’s hoping!

3 thoughts on “Some goings on

  1. Sorry to hear things been rough with bad news and migraines. I hope you’ll have nothing but good things in the upcoming week.

    I love seeing the photos of your furbabies. Your watercolour artwork looks great! I how it turned out! Not too familar with gouache, but that art turned out lovely, too :3 I really like how the landscape one turned out~

    Good on you for almost filling up that sketchbook! Keep sharing what you produce to us here! Like you said, here’s to hoping better times with spring!

  2. I hope that things will change and you can get some relief! The artwork you shared is awesome!! It’s so great that you spent the time to learn and the results speak for themselves. I can imagine you will be able to sell a lot in the future! πŸ˜€

  3. I hope you feel better soon! ☺️ So great to see you smashing your goals. And hey, someone requested a print of one of your creations, which is really awesome πŸ™Œ I don’t think you need to market your stuff – the fact that someone asked is probably proof enough that people are going to love what you put up available for print, you may not need to advertise as much as you think. 😽

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