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Art fair, spring walk

Had a busy past few weeks!

Sold my art at an art fair in a small town north of here!

I had a great time and talked to some amazing people who really loved and got what I was trying to do with my art. It was awesome! I sold an original painting, and it was a little heartbreaking to let it go. Goodbye painting, I hope you enjoy your new home!

It was this one:

Now I am resting and preparing for my next fair. It’s going to be a big one, I can’t wait!

Yesterday I went for a walk to meet a friend for lunch.

It was snowing! Come on winter, please go away!

Walked past a pretty yoga studio with some nice pamphlets.

They had a beautiful gate behind it with gorgeous colors.

Maybe spring really is coming though! Go away snow, don’t come back again.

How is your spring so far?

2 thoughts on “Art fair, spring walk

  1. The outside world and our travels can be so inspiring and thought provoking!

    It’s autumn here. Nothing pretty happens on this side of the world – no autumn leaves or anything like that. πŸ˜… It’s not getting that much cooler either.

    Well done on selling a piece of your art! πŸ™‚ I can imagine it must have been difficult to part with but had someone liked it enough to buy it.

  2. Congrats on selling your artwork! It’s such a great feeling to know someone will want your art!

    The snapshots you took outside are nice! Winter does make thing look drab, but you took some nice colourful shots :3

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