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The Lost Spring

Whew, where have I been? This spring felt both like the longest and shortest spring imaginable. While I was in it I kept thinking, “This is taking forever to get to summer,” and now that it’s over, I wonder where all the time went. To kick off blogging I’ll show you a bit of what I’ve been up to.

COMMISSIONS! I had two major commissions I was finishing up – one was this incredible series of clouds + runes for a friend of a friend’s living room. I loved painting these a ton.

Lots of walks, lots of flowers. I love Boston in the spring – everything starts to come alive. Makes you feel like you’re also waking up slowly after a long and cold winter.

Finally, tons more art fairs. I’ve been trekking out to Central Square, Cambridge for the flea market every Sunday to sell my art. It’s been such a stressful, busy, exhausting, rewarding, and powerful experience. I’m learning so much about selling my work, and everyone has had such nice things to say about my art.

And that’s been basically what I’ve been up to the last few months. It’s been a very strange time – I want to talk more in depth about some things I learned, like dealing with art block, and also I completely reorganized my studio so I want to do a tour of that!

Blogging is such a strange thing – I’ve NEVER blogged consistently in my entire life, it’s always been so sporadic, and yet I keep coming back to it every few months as something I want to do. Who knows if I will ever be consistent in my blogging, but it IS really nice to look back at old entries and know where I was and what I was doing. I really do love it, even if it sometimes feels like a chore. I’m hoping to be at least a little more consistent about it, and also take more photos, because more than ever I want to track what I’m doing and where I’m at in my art journey and my life journey.

(I also want to practice writing more, but that’s another hobby for another life!)

Anyway happy Saturday, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “The Lost Spring

  1. I love the clouds + runes combo – really cool! I’m sure your friend loved the result.

    I remember doing a thesis on blogging back when I was in university. I was researching blogging as a reflective tool for personal/self development. I interviewed a few bloggers and they had the same feelings when going back through old posts. Some of them also didn’t even blog that frequently, but liked trawling through the archives of their blog.

    The past year I’ve blogged less than I ever have in my life, but I still come back to my blog no matter how long it’s been. Occasionally it feels like a chore, I mean, sometimes I want to write about something but I just have that “can’t be bothered” feeling.

    1. It’s so funny how your blog ends up being something comforting to always turn back to when you have something to document. I’m trying to take the pressure off by both building it into my routine and also being cool to blog about dumb things that don’t matter. Who knows if it’ll work!

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