I’m back! and art intentions

The past few months (well, the past year) have been so crazy. Work has been really hard, the art ebbs and flows (which is why habit and diligence are so important to build!). I’ve been turning to simpler mediums like watercolor to dash down some color because I’m too tired and busy to go to anything more complicated.

I know it’s cliche to talk about how tired you are, but dang, I’m tired. As summer draws closer I want to set some intentions for myself and my art, because, in the end, I love art – it’s a calming and reliable place for me to always return to when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed.


  • Do studies every single week. I started keeping a notebook JUST for pencil studies of artists I like, both living and dead, and just in-depth studies. Doing studies makes me a better artist very quickly! Don’t skip this!
  • Go to figure drawing every other week. It’s like exercise for my art muscle! Lately I’ve been practicing working big with charcoal, and it’s helping build my elbow and shoulder muscles when drawing.
  • Always have an in-progress painting on my bench. Finish a painting and keep planning for new ones.
  • Do thumbnails to plan out the previously mentioned paintings.
  • Do more plein air. Again, it’s good for me to sit outside in the sunshine and splash down some watercolor or gouache. I’ve already done a bunch of plein air so far but I gotta keep it going!
  • Don’t let work stress me out too much to draw every day.

Whew, that’s quite the list. Today after work I’m going to bike into Central Square to hit up the art store for an oil painting I’m working on! More on that later…

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