The Great Floor Refinishing

Finally the great refinishing happened around these parts. My floors are a mess – my apartment has had a small flood several times since I moved in. First, the skylight leaked like crazy and I was too young and too timid to make a bigger fuss to the building association for the damages. Then, my washer broke (twice!) and flooded my kitchen. You can see the intense amounts of water damage and scuffing.

So, refinishing! I’m pumped about finally refinishing my floors. I traded website/branding services for a small company in exchange for floors, so it was nice to pay for only some materials.

Poor Kiki is not so thrilled.

And, of course, my art studio looks like this:

On top of everything, now is a really busy time for me for both freelance and personal projects. So I’m just trying to hang in there and get through this!

3 thoughts on “The Great Floor Refinishing

  1. Oh wow we are in the process of sanding our floors and rr/staining them a darker color. Make sure you share the finish project and prepare for all the dust…. ugh love the bay window by the way

  2. Wow–what a project! We have hard wood floors like these and we will eventually be tackling the same types of issues. I am so so sorry about the water damage! Hope everything gets back to normal for you soon!

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