The Great Floor Refinishing Part 2

It’s been two weeks now since we got our floors refinished and we’ve finally put everything back. Of course, putting things back isn’t just as simple as it sounds. We decided to take the opportunity to thoroughly clean and give away anything we weren’t using. So that took awhile, but two weeks later we’re finally living in our (almost finished) fancy new living and dining space.

For those that maybe aren’t aware, LOTS of people are giving away/getting rid of things during the pandemic. Everyone is taking the time to sort through and organize their houses. That meant Goodwill wasn’t really an option when it came to giving things away. In this area, Free Boxes are very common – you put a cardboard box out on the sidewalk, fill it with items, and watch as people walking by magically take your stuff and give it new life. It worked liked a charm, and I feel loads better knowing that that stuff didn’t just get thrown away.

Anyway, onto the reveal!

We swapped our living room with our dining room and it makes a huge difference in use of the space. I was worried the living room would be too small or cramped but honestly it’s pretty perfect.

See Lady’s little dog bed hiding under that coffee table? And yeah, the coffee table is maybe a little too small – we made it in a single evening, so it’s definitely not perfect, but I love it!

Now the dining room is next to the kitchen, which makes 100x more sense. We also took the time to create a dining table using the parts from our old table. It took ages, not gonna lie – and we had to go to four different stores to try to find legs that were sturdy enough for that massive butcher block. But it’s done and I think I like it? It’s growing on me.

The “bar” is actually an old radio. It doesn’t work anymore, and even if it did, it couldn’t receive FM radio anyway. I’ve had it for over ten years now and I still love it.

I didn’t bother to move my husband’s nursing magazine. Also, enjoy my very sad looking end-of-season basil!

I love the space now with the new floors. It just feels so right. There are still things I’d like to change (like those Eames chair bases!), but for now this is how it’ll be for the foreseeable future. I’m trying to embrace the wabi-sabi view on transience, about how to see the beauty in impermanence. Knowing that our spaces will never be finished – that they will always move and change with our life events – is something to accept and find beauty in.

By the way, here are some Before shots:

In just a last bit of news, today is the start of Inktober and Halloween Season! After the drama with Inktober’s founder being accused of plagiarism, I went back and forth on whether to participate. In the end, I decided to participate just because it’s a big event that I’ve always wanted to do and never had time for. Here’s my first piece for the month – I won’t post all of them here, so follow me on Instagram for daily updates!

5 thoughts on “The Great Floor Refinishing Part 2

  1. I loved this post! The photos are beautiful, bright, and it all looks like a magazine spread! The story from start to finish was quite a journey, the photos show us all a part of that. Thanks for sharing the story! Also I was there for the ride! 🤩

  2. It is great that your floor dried and the new setup looks great! I like the spacing – it doesn’t look cluttered. It is cool that you started Inktober! Your entry looks gorgeous!

    Nancy ✨

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