A day trip to Providence

I needed to get out of Boston for a bit so I took the train to Providence for a day trip of relaxing and street art! One of my favorite things about living in Boston is being able to take day or weekend trips to so many really cool cities. Providence feels like the perfect similar-but-alternate vibe for a day trip (plus it’s so easy to get there!).

Photo of a church and street in Rhode Island
I love New England at this time of year! May is truly a magical month.
Mural on a large wall of a man with a magical ring hovering over his hand.
Insane street art!
Mural of a girl opening a door to a magical world with large mushrooms and glowing plants
I love this one, especially the little plushie in her backpack of Jake from Adventure Time!
Mural that says "Creativity, Justice, Equity. Creativity is the mechanism of self-liberation. Rise above." with an illustration of a woman.
This one!! Creativity is the mechanism of self-liberation! Yes!!!

We hit up a cafe and relaxed for a bit, and I worked in my sketchbook. It felt so good to sit outside under the trees in warm weather, soaking up the city around us. Providence wasn’t exactly hopping since the students have finished up for the semester, but it was still busy enough downtown that the energy felt so good!

I’m definitely the sort of person who needs plenty of stimulation to be happy – I could never thrive in a rural area or small, quiet town. Whenever I get into a rut, a day trip always helps – especially if I can see some art and relax!

Sketchbook spread of various animals, people, and landscapes.
Finished up this little spread and worked on the next page. Always feels good to have sketchbook time!
Downtown Rhode Island, at Small Point Cafe.

We went to the zoo afterward, but I only really took reference photos of animals there. I’m so excited to sit down and make studies of them! The Roger Williams Park Zoo is accredited, which means their care of animals is held to the highest standards. Most of their animals are rescues, and it always feels good to know that animals aren’t being senselessly exploited.

All in all, a super fun day in Providence. Thank you Rhode Island, for being so close, being so cool, and having slightly nicer weather than Boston!

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