Hi I’m

Becky Carpenter

I’m an artist, illustrator, and designer currently residing in Somerville, Massachusetts. I’ve been designing for over 12 years, both UX and marketing, and creating art for about 4 years. I come from a family of creators, and am proud of my connection to a family of creative builders and makers. I’m currently a fulltime artist and illustrator, though I am open to any sort of creative freelance work.

I work primarily in watercolors and gouache, but I also paint in acrylics and oils. I’m inspired by the natural world, femininity, dreams, cryptids, and all things dark and curious. I hope to capture the sense of waking in the middle of a long and uneasy dream – a sense of a still, enigmatic, fleeting memory. I also hope to weave nature with people to find a relationship between the two that is beautiful and balanced.

Additionally, I’m interested in exploring my creativity to the furthest extent possible. I’ve dabbled in everything from sewing, book binding, video and podcast editing, crocheting, furniture building, and creating video games. I’m always looking for new and interesting projects and ways to stretch my skills.

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I am currently available for freelance work – design or illustration.