Clara Branding


Clara Branding

For Clara’s branding, I designed a logo and branding with soft colors and a modern feel to show our commitment to simple and effective communication.

Clara Logo


Clara Health


Head of Design


Photoshop, Illustrator


The first project I took on as Head of Design at Clara was a complete branding and product overhaul. It was a massive project that involved a company name change, product rebranding, head-to-toe redesign of the product, blog, and multiple features. I began with the most prominent: our name and logo. We renamed the company with inspiration from Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, to emphasize our commitment to our patients with kindness and empathy.

I design with kindness and empathy, in this way I want designs to be approachable, accessible, and simple. For the logo, I explored several options, and we ended up settling on something that conveyed a connection between patient and researcher, similar groups working towards a common goal. I went through multiple designs and iterations to arrive at the final version displayed above.

Clara dark background Clara stickers

I went through over 50 design iterations on a whiteboard, which I then iterated in Illustrator on the team’s top choices before reaching the final version. Here is that iteration. The old version of the Clara logo is displayed at the top.

Clara Logo iteration