Somerville Local Arts Mall

UX, Branding

Somerville Local Arts Mall

Come on and SLAM and welcome to the jam!


Somerville Local Arts Mall


Creative Director and UX Designer


Photoshop, Illustrator


The Somerville Local Arts Mall was a popup art shop in Union Square in Somerville just in time for the holidays. It was open from late November to late December. Artists from all over the city set up booths and sold their prints, jewelry, sculptures, and other goods. Conceived by sculptor Judith Klausner, I was in charge of all branding and design relating to the art mall. I sketched out around 30 logos before rendering and sending along 3 of the strongest logos. She chose one and I refined it based on her feedback. The color scheme chosen was meant to be playful, fun, and energetic – warm oranges and pinks, as well as a funky geometric pattern, feels fresh, modern, and clean, to let the art shine.

The SLAM site is also fully responsive and animated.

Mobile view Website Signage out front Totebag with logo